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2002, Perfect Binding
102 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
ISBN: 0971537119
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Emeralds of the World - The Legendary Green Beryl
extraLapis MINERAL monograph series No. 2

English Language: English

Contributions by: Christa Behmenburg, , , Maximilian Glas, Patricia & Michael Gray, Günther Grundmann, , , Lore Kiefert, , Dietmat Schwarz, Zak Swartz, , ,

Edited by: , , Terri Ottaway, John Sinkankas,

Illustrations by: Roberto Appiani, Marcus Budil, Helmut Bürger, Warren Dobson, Gilson Archive, , Maximilian Glas, Konrad Gütz, Günther Grundmann, Henry Hänni, Tino Hammid, , , Fotodesign Lichtblick, Eckehard Petsch, Harold & Erica van Pelt, , , , , John Sinkankas, Franco Valoti, , Debra Wilson

Reviews     Table of Contents (pdf)

Since antiquity, emerald has been one of the most highly valuated gemstone: the first known mines were those of Cleopatra in ancient Egypt. Two thousand years ago Pliny wrote, "Emerald-green is the most beautiful green of all."

Leading researchers offer insight into many of the aspects of the world of emerald.
- What is emerald? A portrait of a precious and unique member of the beryl family
- How does emerald form? The events that conspired to bring about an unlikely outcome;
- Where is emerald found? Worldwide localities including Canada, Namibia and China
- Where are the richest deposits? Today's market sources: South America, Africa and Asia;
- Is it possible to determine the origin of an emerald? Gemstone emerald: characteristics, inclusions and treatments;
- What separates green beryl from emerald? The debate over optical, spectroscopic and chemical delineations;
- How is emerald created in the lab and how can it be recognized? The history, process and detection of synthetic emerald;
Plus etymology, history, legendary giants, local finds and more.

extraLapis English No. 2, Emerald, provides a comprehensive look at this magnificent gemstone.

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