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2003, Perfect Binding
112 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
ISBN: 0971537151
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Gold - The Noble Mineral
MINERAL Monograph No. 5

English Language: English

Contributions by: , , Edward R. Coogan, Robert C. Cok, Michael P. Cooper, Katherine M. Dunnell, , , , , , , , , R. Chris Tacker, Karen L. Webber, Karl-Ludwig Weiner,

Edited by: Robert C. Cook, Edward R. Coogan,

Illustrations by: S. Autrum-Mulzer, Brian Boyle, J. Broomfield, Frank Coffa, John Davey, , Emmet Evanloff, , , Robert Ganbee, Victor Goldschmidt, , Bob Jones, , Hans Rudolf Knufler, , , Ursel Mauthner, Don Miller, , Harold & Erica van Pelt, T. Peters, , William Sacco, , Roland Stucky, , , , Brenda Wynne

Reviews     Table of Contents (pdf)

Eons before humans began extracting and pouring gold, nature was shaping a treasure of her own. Gold is found naturally in a variety of forms from microdust to placer nuggets to complex crystals.

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have valued gold, but to most, gold bullion has been more valuable than in its natural form.

Gold�The Noble Mineral explores the world of native gold. Beginning with the basics of gold mineralogy and enrichment, our expert team of authors traces the history of gold and man from the Egyptians to the modern day technoprospectors. Along the way, they describe localities, share stories and offer tips for evaluating specimens and avoiding fakes. Each article is lavishly illustrated with maps, diagrams and unforgettable, full color photographs of some of the world�s finest examples of crystallized gold.

Discover the world of native gold and see for yourself why gold is the King of Metals.

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