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2002, Perfect Binding
108 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
ISBN: 0971537127
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Tourmaline - The Gemstone Spectrum
MINERAL Monograph No. 3

English Language: English

Contributions by: Brian C. Cook, , M. Darby Dyar, Alexaner U. Falster, Carl A. Francis, Maximilian Glas, Robert E. Kane, Vandall T. King, John I. Koivula, Ole V. Petersen, , Minik T. Rosing, William B. Simmons, Bernhard W�hrmann, , Warde da Fonseca Zang

Edited by: Alexander U. Falster, Miranda D. Jarnot, William B. Simmons,

Illustrations by: Gerhard Becker, Brian Cook, , Alexander U. Falster, Eugene Foord, Manfred Fuchs, Maximilian Glas, Konrad G�tz, J. Gruber, Ulrich Henn, , , Hans-Rudolf Kn�fler, John Koivula, Christine Lesch, Raimund Mager, Shane McClure, P. Michalek, Harold & Erica van Pelt, , Paul Prokop, Gamini Ratnavira, Willaim Sacco, , , Douglas Sterret, Elizabeth Turner, Jeff Weisman, Robert Weldon, Wolfgang Wetzenstein, , ,


In the gem and mineral world, the word tourmaline is synonymous with color. Tourmaline is found in almost every imaginable hue from ruby-red to emerald-green to electric blue. Amazingly, two or more intense and highly contrasting colors can even be found in the same stone making tourmaline a spectacular display specimen and gemstone.

Tourmaline has been cherished in Europe's royal treasuries for centuries but until relatively recently was assumed to be ruby or zircon. extraLapis English No. 3 explores the world of tourmaline from its fascinating history to the most recent discoveries, while unforgettable images bring life to the story of the stone.

Let extraLapis English No. 3 take you inside these colorful crystals and lead you to the places around the world where they are found.

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