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Lithographie Has a New Location!
After 8 months of looking and 6 months working from our homes, Lithographie, Ltd. has finally moved into its new space: 5695 Yukon Street in Arvada, Colorado! We have some renovating to do, but the book shop is up and running and we are shipping every day. If you are in the area, we do hope you will come by this summer, or join us for our grand opening in conjunction with the 48th Annual Denver Gem & Mineral Show in September!

It certainly seems to our readers that we have been working eternally on our Diamond monograph as well as the new edition of Sinkankas' Mineralogy (which by the way turned 50 last year), and it seems like an eternity to us on this side of the editorial desk as well. We are a very small company so small bumps can turn into major delays, and the last 18 months have brought quite a few challenges, but having secured a new space and cleaned up a few other issues, we are free to get back to the business of publishing and fully expect Diamond to print in August and to be released right around the time of the Denver Show. The work on Sinkankas will start in earnest immediately after, so you can reasonably expect that volume to be released in Tucson 2017.

The theme of our 2016 calendar will be vintage birthstones, and we have in the works monographs on Elbaite, New Mexico, Utah, and Namibia. If you have images that you would like to contribute for any of our upcoming books, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a Great Summer!

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