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2004, Softcover
183 pages
Dimensions: 205 x 275 mm
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50-Year History of the Tucson Show

English Language: English

Author: Bob Jones

Tucson has become truly “The Greatest Show on Earth,” at least for those of us in the “Mineral World.” No other event in history has tied the gem and mineral fraternities together like the famous Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.
The Tucson Show is the first truly international venue where, once a year, people interested in the collecting, curating, studying and marketing of gem and mineral specimens and materials can gather from the far corners of the world to share their passion.
As a catalyst for interaction it stimulates the entire field, no doubt leading to significant increases in gem and mineral discoveries at localities worldwide, mineralogical and gemological research in the laboratory, and mineral collecting as well as lapidary and jewelry work by many thousands of inspired show-goers.
The world’s greatest mineral museums, formerly accessible only to local citizens and world travelers, are able to show their treasures to a new international audience, and their often isolated curators have found a new stage and meeting place where they can get to know and exchange ideas with fellow professionals and an eager new population of enthusiasts. And even those collectors who can’t always visit the show each year benefit when their favorite dealers come home loaded with exotic mineral treasures culled from the fresh stocks of a thousand suppliers.

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