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2005, Perfect Binding
112 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
ISBN: 097153716X
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Beryl And Its Color Varieties
MINERAL monograph No. 7

English Language: English

Contributions by: Dmitriy Belakovskiy, John Bradshaw, Bruce Cairncross, Alexander U. Falster, Jesse Fisher, Lee Groat, Dermot Henry, Rupert Hochleitner, Michael Huber, Lee Van Iderstine, Marc Jacobson, Bruce Jarnot, Guanghua Liu, Peter Lyckberg, Luiz Menezez, Alfredo Petrov, Tony Potucek, Federico Pezzotta, William B. Simmons, Fabio Tamagnini, Stefan Weiss, Michael Wise

Edited by: Alexander U. Falster, Miranda D. Jarnot, Günther A. Neumeier, William B. Simmons, Gloria Staebler, Michael Wise

Illustrations by: Roberto Appiani, Paul Balayer, Bruce Cairncross, Frank Coffa, Emanuale Cucchiari, Kevin Dixon, Jesse Fisher, Gary Freeman, Bernie Gaboury, Walter Gabriel, Adalberto Giazotto, Lee Groat, Tino Hammid, John Haupt, Peter Huber, Terry Huizing, Jan Kanis, Dawn Kellet, Peter Lyckberg, Luiz Menezes, Gunther Neumeier, Eckehard J. Petsch, Roberto Pucci, George Rossman, Thomas Schüpbach, Jeff Scovil, Harold & Erica van Pelt, Stefan Weiss, Frederick Wilda, Brad Wilson

Reviews     Table of Contents (pdf)

The colorful varieties of beryl - from clear goshenite, to vibrant emerald, to serene aquamarine - have been inspiring scientists, mystics and poets for millennia. Found in a range of shapes, sizes and colors, beryl is as diverse as the Earth in which it forms. Today, much is known and much remains unknown about the gemstone, mineral specimen and strategic ore that is beryl.

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