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2003, Perfect Binding
114 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
ISBN: 0971537135
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Calcite - The Mineral with the Most Forms
MINERAL Monograph No. 4

English Language: English

Contributions by: Reinhard Balzer, Sarah Bronko, Michael P. Cooper, Rudolf Duthaler, Stanley Dyle, Michael Gray, Gunther Grundmann, Mickey Gunter, Rupert Hochleitner, Terry Huizing, Werner Lieber, Guanghua Liu, Berthold Ottens, R. Peter Richards, Lydie Touret, Marc Wilson

Edited by: Terry Huizing, Miranda Jarnot, Gunther A. Neumeier, R. Peter Richards, Gloria Staebler

Illustrations by: Reinhard Balzer, Torbern Bergman, Ulrich Burchard, Michael P. Cooper, Rock Currier, Diderot & d'Alembert, Kevin Downey, Walter Gabriel, Maximilian Glas, Victor Goldschmidt, Andre Nicolas Van Gorp, Lindsay Greenbank, Mickey Gunter, Waltraud Harre, Hans Hauswaldt, Rene Just Ha�y, Rupert Hochleitner, Terry Huizing, Ted Johnson, Ray Lasmanis, Werner Lieber, Alain Martaud, Olaf Medenbach, Hartmut Meyer, Henry Miers, Erich Offermann, Gunther Neumeier, Stefan Oeldenberger, Dane Penland, R. Peter Richards, Paul Rustemeyer, Jeffrey Scovil, Steve Smale, Gloria Staebler, Peter Stemvers, Hugo Strunz, Marcel Vanek, Urs Widmer, Frederick Wilda, Debra Wilson


Over its long history, calcite has been instrumental in shaping the worlds of microscopy, technology, physics and even the science of war.

To collectors, the word calcite invokes thoughts of shape and for good reason: calcite is found in more habits than any other mineral. It has fascinated crystallographers for generations.

Pure calcite is colorless, but even trace impurities can bring intense color to its many forms. The correct cut can transform common calcite into a stunning gemstone.

- Polarization
- Wave Theory
- Ring Sights
- Innumerable Habits
- Stunning Twins
- Cave Formations
- Favorite Fluorescence
- Dazzling Gemstone
- Colorful Combinations

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