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2015, Hardcover
32 pages
Dimensions: 8 x 10"
ISBN: 978-0578170053
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Coprolite: A Really Crappy Story

English Language: English

Author: Lori Gesch

Edited by: Whitney Taylor

Illustrations by: Michael DunneLori Gesch

This fun educational book focuses on the transformation of scat into coprolite (fossil dung) and what can be learned about the creatures who left it behind. Anyone ever tell you that you don t know doo doo? Well, no more! After reading this quirky book about one of the most underappreciated remnants of the prehistoric past, you can proudly proclaim, "Oh, yes I do too!" Fossilized bones can tell us what a dinosaurs looked like, but fossilized fecal matter can tell us about their diet, digestive systems and possibly even maladies from which they suffered.

WARNING: This book is meant for immature audiences and contains uncensored photographs of actual coprolites. The subject matter in this book may be inappropriate for readers over age 17, and may cause intended consequences. Known side effects include feelings of intellectual superiority and increased curiosity regarding all things poopy (both fossilized and fresh), stomach pain and/or bladder leakage due to laughter, and an extreme sense of silliness. If you, or someone you love, experiences any of these or other symptoms after reading this book, please write a review immediately. If your heart, mind or bladder is not strong enough to handle fecal humor, please refrain from reading.

If your child likes dinosaurs and poop...they will love this book! Recommended for children age 10 and older due to some use of larger scientific words.

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