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2002, Perfect Binding
102 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
ISBN: 0971537119
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Emeralds of the World - The Legendary Green Beryl
extraLapis MINERAL monograph series No. 2

English Language: English

Contributions by: Christa Behmenburg, Lawrence Conklin, Gaston Giuliani, Maximilian Glas, Patricia & Michael Gray, Günther Grundmann, Rupert Hochleitner, Jan Kanis, Lore Kiefert, Karl Schmetzer, Dietmat Schwarz, Zak Swartz, Marc Wilson, Michael Wise, Marisa Zachovay

Edited by: Gaston Giuliani, Miranda Jarnot, Terri Ottaway, John Sinkankas, Gloria Staebler

Illustrations by: Roberto Appiani, Marcus Budil, Helmut Bürger, Warren Dobson, Gilson Archive, Gaston Giuliani, Maximilian Glas, Konrad Gütz, Günther Grundmann, Henry Hänni, Tino Hammid, Rupert Hochleitner, Jan Kanis, Fotodesign Lichtblick, Eckehard Petsch, Harold & Erica van Pelt, Federico Pezzotta, Jeff Scovil, Karl Schmetzer, Dietmar Schwarz, John Sinkankas, Franco Valoti, Stefan Weiss, Debra Wilson

Reviews     Table of Contents (pdf)

Since antiquity, emerald has been one of the most highly valuated gemstone: the first known mines were those of Cleopatra in ancient Egypt. Two thousand years ago Pliny wrote, "Emerald-green is the most beautiful green of all."

Leading researchers offer insight into many of the aspects of the world of emerald.
- What is emerald? A portrait of a precious and unique member of the beryl family
- How does emerald form? The events that conspired to bring about an unlikely outcome;
- Where is emerald found? Worldwide localities including Canada, Namibia and China
- Where are the richest deposits? Today's market sources: South America, Africa and Asia;
- Is it possible to determine the origin of an emerald? Gemstone emerald: characteristics, inclusions and treatments;
- What separates green beryl from emerald? The debate over optical, spectroscopic and chemical delineations;
- How is emerald created in the lab and how can it be recognized? The history, process and detection of synthetic emerald;
Plus etymology, history, legendary giants, local finds and more.

extraLapis English No. 2, Emerald, provides a comprehensive look at this magnificent gemstone.

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