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2010, Hardcover
704 pages
Dimensions: 24x18 cm
ISBN: 9788589820080
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Minerals and Precious Stones of Brazil

English Language: English

Author: Carlos Cornejo Andrea Bartorelli

The book Minerals and Precious Stones of Brazil is unique in its kind and was afforded withthe cponsorship of Vale by means of the Federal Law of Cultural Incentive. It presents a vast historical and iconographic panorama of the national production of minerals and precious stones, with chapters dedicated to Indian lithic art of Brazil, the beginning of mineralogy in the Country recorded by European travelers, naturalists and mineralogists, as well as cabinets of curiosities, mineralogical museums, private collections and collections of the Court of the Imperial Family, emphasizing the Museu Nacional, the Museu Ciencias da Terra, the Museu de Cienca e Tecnica of the Escola de Minas of Ouro Preto and the Museu de Geociencias of the Universidade of Sao Paulo.
Still regarding the historical aspect, the work broaches the description of new minerals in Brazil and the gold and diamond cycles, with pictures of great interest drawn by travelers, as well as splendid sceneries during the gold rush of Serra Pelada in recent decades, registering for the first time in a book the biggest gold nuggets still preserved in the World, which belong to the collection of the Museu de Valores of the Banco Central, in Brasilia.
The book depicts some of the most beautiful, amazing and valuable brazilian specimens of emerald, aquamarine, heliodore, morganite, tourmaline, garnet, topaz, euclase, amethyst, and diamond, many of them unique and that render brazil one of the World's major producers of gems.

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