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2013, Audio CD

Dimensions: 14 by 14 cm
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Nuggets and High Grade
Mining and Mineral Collecting Songs

English Language: English

Author: David K. Joyce

Mineral collecting songs?! These are all amusing, technically correct, field collecting-oriented songs about mineral collecting, geology and mineralogy. You’ll be able to tell right away by the titles of the songs that these are not ordinary songs: “Agate Lickers”, “Crystal Systems”, “The Mineral Dealer”, “Diggin’ in a Hole” and “The Crystals That I’ve known” all give a hint that these songs were written BY a mineral collector FOR mineral collectors. Who else would write them!?

"Size counts in tourmalines
and dinner plate sized sphenes
Apatites that look like logs
Zircons the size of dogs”
From “Crystals that I’ve Known”

Unlike many mining songs, most of David’s mining songs are upbeat songs about mining life. The “Packsack Miner”, is a tribute to the “tramp miners” that were prevalent during the days of small mines in North America. “Highway 17” is a poignant song about life and travails in a mining town where the mine has shut down. “Miner’s Home Tavern” is a ditty that immortalizes the old drinking hole at Cobalt, Ontario where generations of miners have gathered to tell stories. David spent happy hours there when he attended the Haileybury School of Mines, just a few minutes away!

“The tavern’s filled with lots of guys, telling tales, swapping lies
Only the truth is told today of giant blasts and bonus pay”
from “Miner’s Home Tavern”

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