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2007, Perfect Binding

Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
ISBN: 9780979099809
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Opal - The Phenomenal Gemstone
MINERAL Monograph No. 10

English Language: English

Contributions by: Janet Clifford, Paul Clifford, Andrew Cody, William Cook, Wilson Cooper, Tony Dabdoub, Bob Farrar, Karl Fischer, Ann Frazier, Si Frazier, Catherine J. Gaber, Peter Huber, Jaroslav Hyrsl, Rudolf Mende, Gunther Neumeier, Barry J. Neville, Michael O'Donoghue, Alex Ritchie, J�rgen Sch�tz, Elizabeth T. Smith, Gloria Staebler, Jack Townsend, Max Weibel, Klaus Eberhard Wild

Edited by: Gloria Staebler, Janet Clifford, Ann Frazier, Cathy Gaber, Paul Clifford, Si Frazier, Bruce Gaber, Guenther Neumeier

Illustrations by: Carl Bento, Steve Bird, Leo Boner, Jenni Brammall, Zbynek Burival, Michael Bush, Janet Clifford, Len Cram, Klaus H. Eiserhardt, Bob Farrar, Bruce Paul Gaber, Max Glas, Konrad G�tz, Simone & Peter Huber, Jaroslav Hyrsl, Dagbj�rn Johnson, Kent Johnson, Kevin Jones, Robert Jones Heike Ludwig, Karl-Christian Lyncker, Shoich Kondo, Linda & Ila Marks, Lynn McNamee, Rudolf Mende, Hans-J�rg M�llenmeister, Guenther Neumeier, Freda Nkirote, Erich Offermann, Barrie O�Leary, Ted Phillips, Alex Ritchie, J�rgen Sch�tz, Tanja Sch�tz, Jeffrey Scovil, Robert A. Smith, Manfred Szykora, Jack Townsend, Erica & Harold van Pelt, Rudy G. WeberMax Weibel

Reviews     Table of Contents (pdf)

Precious opal is a rainbow made tangible. Its spectral blaze of color moves, changes, intensifies, fades, or disappears with the slightest change in perspective. Opal's intriguing play of color and unique atomic arrangement have made it the subject of scientific probing from early optics in the 1850s to high tech photonics today. Equally challenging has been discovering opal's place in history. Its beauty begs to be enshrined in myth and legend when facts are as scarce as the stone itself.

Opal, both precious and common, is found in disparate environments from the unbearable heat of the Australian outback to the higher elevations of the Canadian Rockies, from a centuries-old site in Slovakia to a number of little known places in the American west. An unique assortment of characters collect and mine this equally individual stone, of which no two are exactly alike.

This blazing gem of chemical simplicity - just silica and water - has ignited a complexity of human emotions: a compulsion to mine, the desire to wear, an urge to fashion, the challenge to imitate, a need to possess. A natural, wearable stone with magical depth, movement, and color, opal is a truly phenomenal gemstone.

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