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2005, Hardcover
472 pages
Dimensions: 175 x 245 mm
ISBN: 8072960539
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Russian Gemstones Encyclopedia

English Language: English

Author: Vladimir V. Bukanov

Illustrations by: Vladimir V. Bukanov

The Russian Gemstones Encyclopedia describes
over 500 types and 2,220 varieties of gems,
gemstones, colored ornamental stones, organic
and man-made jewelry materials with 440 photos,
providing 8,500 names and synonyms. The list
of deposits including over 1,000 localities for
Russia, is given in one of the appendices. Such
an inventory of gemstone deposits in Russia and
bordering countries, as of the end of the 20th century, is published first time ever and expected to
be a valuable reference tool for the gemological
The tables of appendices list over 850 large
crystals of gemstones including nuggets of gold,
as well as unique cut gems, including some 500
diamonds, 100 sapphires and rubies, 165 beryls,
and other gemstones. Commercial names of
gemstone-quality varieties of quartz, jades, cat’s
eye stones, and natural resins are also listed.
Provided are tables of refraction and other optical
parameters of gemstones, as well as tables
of nonmetric units of weight and length for
precious stones. Of interest for a wide range of
readers is the Gemstone Chronology showing the
history of gemstone discovery and processing
from antiquity to the present day. The general
and additional indexes facilitate the search for
the information in the text.
The Encyclopedia is expected to provide new
inputs to all those interested in gemstones.
Gemologists can look up information on
ornamental and decorative characteristics and
sources of gemstones, state-of-the-art technologies
of gemstone imitation, and various man-made
materials. Geologists and mineralogists
will find the information useful in prospecting
of gemstone occurrences, comprehensive use
of mineral deposits, and in the search for gemstone
varieties so far unknown in their countries. Art
critics and jewelers will be provided numerous
examples of application of gemstones in unique
masterpieces and works of art.

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