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1993, Hardcover
283 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 280 mm
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The Complete Book on Micromounting

English Language: English

Author: Quintin Wight

Illustrations by: Nelly Bariand, Dan Behnke, Volker Betz, Rainer Bode, R.S.W. Braithwaite, G. Brizzi, T.J Campbell, Frank Coffa, G. Comblain, Michael P. Cooper, Jack Crawford, Peter Elliot, R. Gault, Gini-Orlandi, Günter Grundmann, Arnold Hampson, J. Haupt, W. Henderson, Laszlo Horvath, Bill Hunt, Norma Jaxel, Martin Kohler, Karl Kotal, R. Lancaster, Werner Lieber, Olaf Medenbach, Erich Offermann, Paolo Orlandi, Dane Penland, Lou Perloff, William Pinch, Neil Prenn, George Robinson, Arthur Roe, Bob Rozinski, G. Schnorrer-Köhler, Dusan Slivka, J.E. Taggert, Ralf Thomas, Eddy van der Mersche, R. Vochten, Quintin Wight, Wendell Wilson


The beauty of the mineral kingdom is most exquisitely demonstrated in the smallest specimens, those requiring optical magnification to be best appreciated. Collecting these microcrystals and mounting them for easy handling and storage is a fascinating and satisfying hobby combining the keen observational powers of the scientist, with the fine eye and delicate craftsmanship of the artist.
In this book Quintin Wight, a widely known and respected micromounter, author, lecturer, and member of the Micromounter’s Hall of Fame, brings together the many diverse facets of mineral collecting at the microscopic level.
Chapters cover the history of micromineral studies and collecting from the 17th century to the present; trading and field collecting methods; specimen preparation, identification, mounting and conservation techniques; microscopes; micromineral photography; micromounting symposia worldwide; The Micromounter’s Hall of Fame; and a wide range of tools and equipment useful to the micromounter.
Also included is a color album of 165 beautiful micromineral photographs taken by some of the world’s most talented and skilled specialists. These portraits amply demonstrate the unique allure of Nature’s tiny mineral masterpieces.

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