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2002, Perfect Binding
108 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
ISBN: 0971537127
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Tourmaline - The Gemstone Spectrum
MINERAL Monograph No. 3

English Language: English

Contributions by: Brian C. Cook, Ferdinand Damaschun, M. Darby Dyar, Alexaner U. Falster, Carl A. Francis, Maximilian Glas, Robert E. Kane, Vandall T. King, John I. Koivula, Ole V. Petersen, Alfredo Petrov, Minik T. Rosing, William B. Simmons, Bernhard W�hrmann, Joachim Zang, Warde da Fonseca Zang

Edited by: Alexander U. Falster, Miranda D. Jarnot, William B. Simmons, Gloria Staebler

Illustrations by: Gerhard Becker, Brian Cook, Eberhard Equit, Alexander U. Falster, Eugene Foord, Manfred Fuchs, Maximilian Glas, Konrad G�tz, J. Gruber, Ulrich Henn, Rupert Hochleitner, Peter Huber, Hans-Rudolf Kn�fler, John Koivula, Christine Lesch, Raimund Mager, Shane McClure, P. Michalek, Harold & Erica van Pelt, Alfredo Petrov, Paul Prokop, Gamini Ratnavira, Willaim Sacco, Jeff Scovil, William Simmons, Douglas Sterret, Elizabeth Turner, Jeff Weisman, Robert Weldon, Wolfgang Wetzenstein, Stefan Weiss, Brad Wilson, Joachim Zang


In the gem and mineral world, the word tourmaline is synonymous with color. Tourmaline is found in almost every imaginable hue from ruby-red to emerald-green to electric blue. Amazingly, two or more intense and highly contrasting colors can even be found in the same stone making tourmaline a spectacular display specimen and gemstone.

Tourmaline has been cherished in Europe's royal treasuries for centuries but until relatively recently was assumed to be ruby or zircon. extraLapis English No. 3 explores the world of tourmaline from its fascinating history to the most recent discoveries, while unforgettable images bring life to the story of the stone.

Let extraLapis English No. 3 take you inside these colorful crystals and lead you to the places around the world where they are found.

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