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We are currently seeking photos for our upcoming Agate monograph.

Photographs Currently of Particular Interest

We accept both transparencies and digital images.

We begin collecting photographs for a monograph early in the editorial process and continue to accept them until we finalize our layouts; however, photographs submitted early are more likely to be selected than those received as we near publication.

with into the 'email to' line.

Before Submitting
Please check this site or contact us directly for information regarding the issues for which we are currently accepting submissions.

Please be sure that all of the images submitted are well-lit and in sharp focus. This may seem obvious, but we receive plenty of iffy submissions. Be honest with yourself. Show your work to some straight-shooting friends and compare your images with those that you see published.

We can make color corrections to otherwise good photographs. Please communicate color concerns when submitting an image. DO NOT OVER SHARPEN, OVER PROCESS OR OVER SATURATE YOUR IMAGES.

We base our image choices on:
  • locality, association, or other attribute that illustrates a given article
  • image quality
  • specimen quality

    Please note we will often decline a fabulous photo of a "killer" specimen if the precise locality information is unknown (e.g., both "Minas Gerais, Brazil" nor "Tarryall Mountains, Colorado" are too broad and are not considered localities).

    Submitting Photographs
    All of the following information should be clearly marked on submitted images:
  • species and associated species
  • specimen size
  • complete locality
  • owner's name
  • photographer's name

    Mail transparencies to:
         Lithographie, LLC
         Post Office Box 234
         Arvada, Colorado 80002 USA

    Please include your name, address, email address, and phone number when submitting. We sometimes contact contributors for further information about a specimen.

    All transparencies will be returned. Digital media and proofs will not be returned.

    Special Instructions for Submitting Digital Images
    Digital images must be submitted as TIFFs with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi when sized at 9 x 12 cm (roughly 1/4 page). A photo submitted in the minimum resolution cannot be considered for a space larger than 1/4 page because as we increase the size of the photograph, we are simultaneously decreasing its resolution (i.e., shoot and submit high resolution digital files).

    Please do not recolor, sharpen or in any way tamper with your digital images we have professionals who can handle all of that. An out of focus or poorly-lit specimen will likely not improve with manipulation, if you are not satisfied with your results, reshoot. If you feel you must do something to alter an image, please send us both the original and manipulated files.

    With each issue, we receive more and more images from which to select. While this trend has a positive impact on the quality of our publications on many levels, it make the process of photo selection far more time consuming. To simplify that process and to be sure that all photographs are considered fairly, we request that digital submissions follow a few conventions.

    Digital files names should be formatted as follows: Your last name and first initial-locality of the specimen if submitting for a species issue or species if submitting for a locality issue (e.g., StaeblerG-Nagar for a species issue or StaeblerG-Beryl for a locality issue). Append the file name with a number when submitting multiple files with the same name.

    To submit a digital image, please email:
  • a CD with your original, unedited files
  • a printout (thumbnails are fine) with all of the above information as well as the file name

    When a digital photograph is selected for publication, we will contact you for a high quality color proof so that we can be sure that we correctly capture the specimen colors.

    Should you have any questions or comments about our process or if you have any doubts about what to send or how to send it, please .

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