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Catching Up
When last we updated, we were working to get Michael Bainbridge's long-awaited book The William W. Pinch Collection at the Canadian Museum of Nature to press and our Rubellite monograph on deck. A year later, I am happy to report at least one success — Rubellite has been printed and is en route to our enormously patient subscribers and customers.

In the decade since our 2002 Tourmaline monograph went out of print, we've had customers requesting a reprint. But changes in the world of tourmaline, in printing technologies, and in our aesthetic and customer base demanded a new approach to the subject. I had been thinking maybe an Elbaite monograph and approached Skip Simmons with the idea. Skip was game, but he thought we could provide better perspective on the ever-evolving tourmaline group (to which 19 new species have been added since 2002) if we looked at the Rubellite variety of tourmaline instead. Ultimately our all-star Rubellite team put together an outsized volume, which includes plenty of new information and insights and is loaded with high-quality photographs. We think you're going to like it.

"That's great," you're saying, "But what about the Pinch book? We've been waiting forever!" I promise you that Pinch is still in the works and is nearing completion. I back-burnered the Pinch book for personal reasons that in hindsight I don't thoroughly understand, but it felt at the time that it was what I needed to do.

The moment this newsletter hits the ether, I will be back on Pinch, working on it until it is completed. It was pretty far-advanced when I put it down, and I hope to have it available for Tucson. Either way, we'll keep you posted. If you've pre-ordered the book and don't want to wait any longer, I totally understand. Please email us and we'll send you a refund.

Thank you!
Thank you once again for your support, especially in the last several years. You've been with us in sickness and and in health, through the joy and pain, and your being there means more to me, to my family, to all of us at Lithographie and Lithos, than you can imagine. We're a family business, and you're most definitely a part of it.

:-) Gloria Staebler

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